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Take Back Our Republic Action Fund is initially focusing on two areas of potential legislation.

The Action Fund is in the process of organizing presentations on the National Security threat that could be created if laws are not strengthened and enforced against foreign contributions. The concerns about the focus of big money controlling the government becomes even worse as foreign groups build on the $14 million they put into American campaigns last year. A more in depth review of the concerns appears on the “Take Back Our Republic” webpage that can be accessed here.

The Action Fund’s focus is not on attacking those with money, but on making it easier for average Citizens to contribute so that collectively their contributions are significant enough to refocus elected officials. The idea for renewing the Reagan-era tax credits for small contributions first occurred to Action Fund President John Pudner when he was told by several people in Richmond, Virginia that they could not give to Dave Brat’s campaign against Eric Cantor because their contributions were not tax deductible.

The Action Fund will work to advance and support proposed legislation to allow tax credits or similar measures to make it easier for every day citizens to contribute, and will work to defend attacks on laws already on the books in Oregon, Minnesota, Virginia and Ohio.

The Action Fund plans to have its first chapter in Oregon, where a tax credit law was passed first in 1969 and was set to sunset in 2013. It gives a $50 tax credit for individuals or $100 for a household who make a contribution during the year (of the same amounts or greater) to any political candidate, cause, or organization of their choosing- making it the "loosest" such law in the nation.

The law was set to end at the close of last year, but in the 2013 legislative session a temporary extension was approved. The Action Fund will work to make legislators aware of the importance of this law and the popularity among voters who want their voices to be heard. If citizens can keep a small amount of the money they were going to give the IRS and instead give it to candidates willing to be better stewards of their money and willing to reject spending requests by special interests – then we all win.





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