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Former Auburn University Coach Stops by Take Back Action Fund Office

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user profile image April 5th, 2017 by Take Back Action Team - Comments (0)

Take Back Action Fund is inviting any potential candidate for office to stop by and hear us out on why every Republican, Democrat, third party candidate and Independent should back campaign finance reform. The first potential candidate of the 2018 election cycle to take us up on the offer was former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville, who is said to be considering a run for Governor. We were honored to be among the first stops on his "listening tour."

Last fall, President Trump made a promise to "Drain the Swamp," and the American people embraced the idea of an outsider running the country. Will Alabamians look to do the same in 2018? Tuberville, who made his stop by our office this week, may be eager to find out.

Tuberville was an outstanding football coach, and he is hoping that his leadership experience- outside of politics- will prompt Alabama voters to select him to lead the state. We enjoyed the opportunity to hear his fascinating stories about some of the great Auburn teams, and we also were privileged to share with him our conservative approach to influence reform. Coach Tuberville was very receptive, and we look forward to following his campaign!




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